Works and Services

Cantieri di Imperia provides above standard services and high quality is paramount for all activities and people.

Our main services include:

  • Hull maintenance and repair for all materials: metals, wood and advanced composite
  • Engine and generator service for any brand
  • Propulsion systems overhaul and replacement: traditional shaft lines, variable pitch and jets
  • Superior metalwork and finishing for: stainless steel, titanium and light alloys
  • Surface protective treatments: from special blasting to nanotechnology applications
  • High quality painting for hull and superstructure, with strict procedures and step by step controls and approval. We work with the most recognized professional painting surveyors
  • Mechanical work, provided also in collaboration with highly specialized industrial workshops in the Genoa port
  • Hydraulic, electric and electronic ship systems
  • Rig and deck equipment services
  • Any wood work, from traditional structural carpentry to the most sophisticated cabinet making and joinery, both classic and light weight
  • Tender service for superyachts
  • Structural and systems engineering
  • Ultrasound, NDT for all materials, from metal to carbon sandwich
  • Administrative and custom consultancy
  • Crew support for any shore activity: car and house rental, holiday and trip organization, shipping of parts, translations, documents, events and parties, …

Tender Specialist

Using selected suppliers and subcontractors, Cantieri di Imperia is able to respond quickly and efficiently to all your needs.

Tech Specs


  • Travel-lift: 242 tons
  • Motorized trailer: 40 tons  |  160 tons
  • Yard area : 8.000 sqm
  • Covered hangar: 2.000 sqm, up to a 24 mts
  • Workshops: 200 sqm


  • Travel-lift: 180 tons
  • Motorized trailer: 75 tons
  • Yard area : 2.800 sqm
  • Covered hangar: 500 sqm
  • Workshops: 150 sqm
  • Electric platform and cherry-picker
  • Heated spraybooth
  • Closed and temperature controlled storage areas